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Part Number SVC442GPS
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The SVC442GPS is supplied with 2 cameras, one that is designed for mounting inside a vehicle and viewing the front (for recording Accidents) and one that is designed for mounting outside, on the rear of the vehicle, to watch the area to the rear of the vehicle.
A 7" LCD Monitor is also supplied. This shows the rear camera either permanently or automatically when the driver selects reverse gear.
Based on the same technology used in the SVC100GPS, the world's most popular Vehicle Accident Camera. The system records accidents that occur on the front and rear of the vehicle, and also provides the driver with live views of the rear of the vehicle to help view blind spots and make reversing the vehicle safer.
Designed for easy expansion to 4 cameras, it features advanced functionality and Alarm Inputs, Output and compatibility with third party Telematics and Tracking units.

Other features include:

Camera 1:
  • The camera features a class leading Xvision Pixel+ lens for High Quality Insurance Approved 170° Pillar to Pillar viewing angle
  • Latest imaging sensor for clearer images, day or night
  • 5m (optional extension leads available) plug & play cable connects directly to the recorder.
  • The camera receives power directly from the recorder, and both power and video are carried through the same discreet cable, for extra convenience and superior reliability.
Camera 2:
  • The camera features a class leading Xvision Pixel+ lens for a 120° viewing angle, ideal for watching the area to the rear of a vehicle
  • Latest High Resolution Imaging Sensor for clearer images, day or night
  • Up to 10m IR Night Vision for viewing in complete darkness
  • 5m (optional extension leads available) plug & play cable connects directly to the recorder.
  • Heavy Duty Design and fully Waterproof for external use
  • The camera receives power directly from the recorder, and both power and video are carried through the same discreet cable, for extra convenience and superior reliability.
  • Adjustable recording rate from 1 fps to 25 fps (Real Time)
  • Flexible recording modes:
  • Event - records whenever an incident/accident is detected by the unit's built in Shock Sensor (G-Sensor), when the Emergency/Panic Button is pressed, and/or when an Alarm Input is activated
  • Protected Event - in this mode event recordings can be protected, preventing them from being overwritten even if the SD card is full and in overwrite mode
  • Continuous - records all the time and bookmarks the recording whenever the Shock Sensor detects an incident/accident
  • Parking - in addition to the above modes, the unit can be optionally set to record all the time when the vehicle is stationary for longer than 5 minutes or is parked up (the unit must be wired to a permanent power feed to record when vehicle is parked).
  • Overwrite function for First In First Out loop recording in 10 minute sections
  • Pre and Post Incident/Accident recording, so events leading up to and after an accident are not missed, even when not recording in Continuous mode
  • Records audio directly from the recorders built in microphone, from an optional external microphone, or from cameras with built in microphones
  • Audio can be set to record only when the Emergency/Panic Button is pressed
  • Password protected recordings, prevent unauthorised access of recordings and data on the SD card
7" LCD Monitor:
  • Supplied with a High Quality Bracket for fixing the Monitor to the Roof Lining or on the Dashboard
  • Allows Live viewing of cameras, either individually or as a split screen
  • Automatic displaying of the Reversing Camera when Reverse Gear is selected
  • Automatic displaying of Cameras when Alarm Inputs are triggerred, for example when the indicators are used or the panic button is pressed.
  • Allows Instant Playback of Recordings, without the need for a PC
Playback & Analysis:
  • Includes Smart Witness Analysis Software for Windows, allowing you to:
  • Playback Recordings
  • Search by Time/Date
  • Search by Vehicle Speed
  • Search by Driving Style
  • Search by Incident/Accident
  • Search by Alarm Input activation
  • Save JPEG Snapshots
  • Make AVI or MP4 backups
  • Accident Reporting Wizard for Insurance friendly accident reports with snapshots and speed/location data
  • Search Vehicle Tracking History by Time, Date, Speed and Driving Style
Additional Features:
  • GPS receiver by UBLOX, the worlds leading manufacturer of GPS receivers, ensures the highest accuracy for vehicle location and speed
  • Full Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View Integration
  • Embedded 256 level Bosch G-Sensor for accurate reporting of G Force levels present in an incident/accident.
  • Records Driving Style, by continuously monitoring the effect of speed, acceleration, braking and steering on the vehicle.
  • 31 day Vehicle Tracking History, showing vehicle location, speed and driving style.
  • Built-in battery back up allows the unit to finish recording even if the power supply is interrupted during an incident/accident.

Remote Control:

  • Supplied with a hard wired Remote Control which can be used to control the system when used with a monitor.
  • The Remote Control also has an Emergency/Panic Button, this can be used to trigger recording of an incident/accident and send an instant notification via a Telematics or tracking unit if connected.
  • The Remote Control has a Visual Driving Style Indicator LED, which automatically illuminates when poor driving is detected.
Alarm Inputs & Outputs:
  • 3 Alarm Inputs are provided on the recorder. These can be used for:
  • Vehicle Actions - By connecting the alarm inputs to the vehicles indicator lights and brake lights, it is possible to see when or if the driver indicated or used the brakes.
  • Other Devices - It is also possible to connect third party devices like Taxi Fare Meters or Panic Buttons. So when recordings are played back it is possible to check if these were used or /triggerred recordings.
  • An Alarm Output is provided (special order options, call for details). This is triggered whenever the unit detects an incident/accident via its shock sensor, when the Alarm Inputs are activated, or when the Emergency/Panic button is pressed. This output can be connected to external devices like an audible Alarm, or to a Telematics or Tracking unit, so that a real time notification of the incident/accident can be sent instantly.
Smart Witness Cloud Service:
  • Provided free with the SVC442GPS
  • Allows recorded data to be transferred safely and securely to anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly.
  • Drastically reduces the time needed to send recordings of an incident/accident to an Insurer, Broker, Fleet Manager or other interested party.
  • Modular Design
  • The internal camera supplied is as small as a Golf Ball and has an adjustable bracket
  • The external camera is as small as a Tennis Ball and has a heavy duty adjustable bracket
  • The recorder is almost the same size as a packet of cigarettes and very lightweight and robust.
  • The recorder is small enough to hide in a glove box or lock in a boot. This keeps recordings and the cameras separate, increasing security, and keeping recordings safe, even if the cameras are tampered with or stolen.
  • Additional mounting options for the Recorder are available. Using the optional Mounting Bracket or Tamper Resistant Locking Case
  • E-mark, EMC, CE and FCC approved for extra piece of mind
  • VOSA Compliant
  • TfL and Local Authority* approved
  • Data Protection Act compliant, court admissible recordings.
  • Approved and Recommended by leading Insurers
Other Benefits:
  • Designed in house by our experienced R&D team and manufactured in our own state of the art facilities, the Smart Witness product range is the most reliable on the market, with a failure rate of less than 0.002%
  • Qualifies for Insurance Premium Discounts (contact your insurer/broker for details)
  • No on-going subscription fees or other charges
  • Connects directly to a Telematics or Tracking unit for instant notification of Incidents/Accidents
  • FREE 'Smart Witness CCTV In Use' Sticker
  • FREE Software/Firmware Updates
  • FREE USB SD Card Reader
  • 2 Year Worldwide Warranty

Whats in the box

14 Camera Recorder (Model: SVC400GPS)
1GPS Antenna/Receiver
1Remote Control (with integrated Emergency/Panic Button
1High Speed SD Memory Card
1Adhesive Pads for mounting Recorder
1Power & Connection Cables for Recorder
1USB SD Card Reader
1Smart Witness Analysis Software for Windows
1'Smart Witness CCTV In Use' Sticker
1Internal Camera with 5m cable (Model: SVA041-S)
17" LCD Monitor(Model: SV7LCD-2)
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